all things ITALIAN

July 20, 2010

So I’ve started doing my research – where to live in ITALY??? There are so many choices but one of the biggest factors for us will be living close to a popular wedding destination because my partner and I are wedding photographers – so that narrows it down a little – but really in Italy there are so many gorgeous spots for weddings that the options are still wide open. I think that we will probably have to go with one of the major cities though and because I don’t love the heat and I do love water I am leaning towards Milan today…. I’ll get our my Eyewitness Guide to Italy and start reading, from page 1.


a bit about me

July 17, 2010

I don’t think I’m particularly interesting or special but I do love to write and rave so a blog seems perfect for that! I live on the east coast of Australia – yes it is a very long coast so to be more specific… northern NSW. It is very beautiful with all the usual Aussie stuff – beautiful long stretches of clean safe beaches, mountains and hinterland with rainforests and waterfalls, great schools, clean air, weekly garbage collection etc etc etc. All very lovely…but for me… also very boring. It is where I grew up and maybe that’s part of the problem. I have travelled and lived overseas, with kids, and it has ruined me for life back here because I miss the vibrancy of Europe the proximity that living in London gave me to so many places – all at my doorstop for the price of a cheap ryanair ticket. Which wasn’t always that cheap but still a heck of a lot cheaper than a flight from Brisbane to anywhere in the world.

So while I am planning to visit Japan in September with my partner and 2 year old boy (leaving the 14 year old girl and 16 year old boy at home! They’ve done a lot of travelling so I don’t feel guilty) and I am also desperately trying to think of ways to afford a trip to Europe next year (will probably have to resort to becoming an eBay trader for that) I am also starting to plan an actual move either to Italy or France. I don’t speak more than a few words of either language but I plan on learning… starting now. At the moment I am leaning towards Italy so I will blog my progression to that end. How to do it and where to live. My partner and I are photographers and have a thriving business shooting mostly weddings so we are probably mad to even consider a move but boredom is not my friend. I hate it and want to live a life of exploration and discovery… so here goes.